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Software pricing questions in Q4 2023

Try not to lose the forest for the trees

Choosing a pricing model that's right for your business

In-house SaaS billing systems are painful

Here we discuss the challenges faced by software companies in managing their home-grown billing systems

Stage + Alphadoc

We partnered with Alphadoc to update and ship new docs. Here are some thoughts

How to roll out a free tier that converts

A free tier can be a powerful tool to grow your userbase. Here's a step-by-step guide to making sure it also helps grow revenue.

How to knock a billion dollars off your market cap (and how Stage can help prevent it)

Unity's market cap is down nearly two billion dollars from two weeks ago after the market's response to their pricing changes. Here's how our software can de-risk this process for you.

What’s wrong (and mostly right) with Unity’s new pricing

Unity released new pricing - how's it look?

Decoupling Billing & Entitlements

Ship revenue and features 10x faster by decoupling your billing and entitlement systems

Master the 3 Elements of Pricing

Unlock revenue by mastering the three elements of pricing: Metric, Structure, and Level

How Slack's pricing drives growth

Slack's new pricing shows the power of effective monetization

Stage raises $5.1 million seed round

Stage is the low-code product monetization platform for SaaS.

We screwed up our pricing rollout!

Learn from other people's mistakes. Use Stage. Make controlled, gradual changes to pricing.

How to raise SaaS prices without upsetting customers

Raising revenue often involves raising prices. Here's how to raise prices without raising tempers.

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