Stage + Alphadoc

Stage recently partnered with Alphadoc, who underwent a successful launch on Product Hunt earlier this week, to build and ship the latest version of our documentation. We're deeply excited about the end result, product, and team. 

Now that our updated docs are in production, we thought it would be worthwhile to take a few moments and share some thoughts about our experience.

Alphadoc is great for GTM teams and engineers

Don't let the fact that it's a developer tool fool you. Alphadoc is an excellent solution for Go-to-market teams who want to ship new documentation without shoulder-tapping engineering. The simple, easy-to-use UI (similar to productivity tools like Notion) lets you draft and publish comprehensive changes to your documentation with just a few clicks. Copy titles, paragraphs, images, and code blocks from any source and paste them directly into Alphadoc with minimal rework. You can use the interface to embed videos, code walkthroughs, and diagrams to help facilitate product and developer onboarding.

I've personally written documentation that relies on more traditional means of shipping updates. For non-technical people, this process can be painful. Learning Git, setting up a local environment, locating and editing the files you wish to change, and merging those changes can be time-consuming for those without prior knowledge of these tools. Using Alphadoc effectively reduces this burden to zero, as all work occurs in the editor and is published directly to your domain. This advantage saves PDE teams time and energy, allowing them to focus on what matters most: delivering product value.

Everyone’s an owner with Alphadoc

Keeping documentation up-to-date is a tedious but integral part of success for any Product-led SaaS company. If customers can't read your docs and understand how to use your product, they won't bother using it. And with each incremental piece of software that ships, your docs must be maintained to ensure accuracy and dependability. In a world where these things are true, and as developer products with steep adoption curves continue to appear, the need for highly flexible, comprehensive documentation that can be easily updated only grows. Unfortunately, ongoing maintenance has historically been the sole responsibility of engineering teams, putting product adoption at risk if these changes aren’t made proactively. 

Alphadoc helps by allowing non-technical individuals, like product leaders or marketers, to take on these responsibilities. In doing so, it effectively distributes the maintenance cost for documentation across the organization, making it easier to address changes in a timely manner and ensuring a positive developer experience that retains customers.

It's clear that the team at Alphadoc is singularly focused on delivering a world-class developer docs experience. At Stage, product and developer onboarding is of utmost importance, so of course the relationship was a no-brainer.

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