Warmly + Stage Case Study

Warmly + Stage Case Study

Warmly, a rapport and relationship-building platform for professionals, needed to quickly launch self-serve pricing and monetization to prepare for a major launch. The founder, Max Greenwald, was in search of both expertise and technology that would maximize Warmly’s chances of success at converting paying, self-serve customers. Warmly’s go-to-market motion is complex, encompassing both product-led growth (PLG) and sales-led growth (SLG) motions. The company needed the ability to convert both individual paid users as well as teams and organizations at a much larger scale.


Enter Stage. We started by helping Warmly analyze existing usage and transaction data to provide insights and recommendations for implementing self-serve pricing and packaging. With those insights, Warmly then defined and configured the new self-serve and sales-led pricing tiers using Stage. Warmly was able to lay out those plans and features with Stage and collaborate seamlessly between business and engineering stakeholders to align on and integrate their product in under a week. Once integrated, Warmly could then launch new pricing plans, evolve its plan and feature mix, meter usage, set paywalls, and connect everything to the billing system in a few simple clicks. Using Stage’s native Stripe integration, Warmly automated the management of Stripe products and subscriptions and was able to “set and forget” the billing system. Stage turned the opaque, hardcoded complexity of SaaS pricing and billing into an all-in-one, simple interface.

For Warmly, the process was seamless and time-saving. Stage adeptly handled all complications, including user deletion on paid plans, assigning individuals to pro or business licenses, true ups, and more.


Since integrating with Stage, Warmly…

  • Launched self-serve pricing and billing in ~1 week
  • Converted thousands of Free users to their paid Pro plan
  • Saved hundreds of hours of engineering build time upfront
  • Launched and monitored around ~1 pricing experiment every month without spending days of engineering effort

Warmly collaborated with Stage to simplify and improve their initial pricing plans, which helped them avoid ineffective pricing at launch. With Stage's help, Warmly was able to open up a new revenue channel that they can continue to improve without the engineering effort. The team was impressed with Stage's professionalism and organization, and they highly recommend them to other executives and founders who are considering implementing self-serve pricing and billing.

“Stage helped us open up the self-serve revenue channel in days rather than months. Their technology and expertise helped us convert thousands of users from day 1. They are true experts when it comes to pricing, billing, and revenue operations.” Max, CEO and Founder of Warmly

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