Explore the universe of
pricing strategies.

Use Stage to model revenue from alternative pricing strategies in minutes. Roll these models out to customers as products and track growth in real time.
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Use new or existing
customer data.

Model revenue by combining alternative pricing strategies with metered data collected by Stage, or historical customer data uploaded directly to Stage.
Metered data
Add all metered data from customers to pricing models. Integrate and we take care of the rest.
Historical data
Need more than metered data? No sweat. Upload historical data to use in your pricing models.
Refine your audience
Create detailed customer segments when modeling new pricing to get the most relevant results.

Any pricing metric.
Any price.

Explore the universe of pricing strategies using real customer data, whether it's introducing flat fees, discounts, or an entirely new pricing model.
Usage based pricing
Combine real usage data with usage based pricing to understand potential revenue.
Seat-based pricing
Use subscription data to predict revenue when transitioning to a seat based pricing model.
Tiers and volume
Explore revenue when transitioning to tiered and volume based pricing for your products.

Revenue calculations based on real data.

Get a high-level overview of potential revenue when your pricing strategy is applied to customer data. Tailor the results until you get to a desired outcome.
Grow revenue
Find the right combination of pricing models that maximize revenue and grow your business.
See pricing changes
Reduce churn and sticker shock by offering pricing that doesn't result in a major change to invoices.

Turn abstract models
into concrete products.

Deploy each pricing model as a product. Migrate customers how you want, use Stage analytics to track adoption, and tweak your products as needed.

Productize any model.

Supporting plans or add-ons? Stage provides you with the tools to productize any pricing model, any way you want.

Deploy to your customers.

Products you create via pricing models can be deployed directly to your customers. You can even represent the changes on your pricing webpage using our CMS.

Track adoption in real time.

Understand how customers are adjusting to your pricing changes in real time with Stage product analytics.

Manage pricing fluidly
with Stage.

The low-code product monetization platform for SaaS. Support any use case, ship any feature set, and model any pricing with clicks, not code.
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