Ship pricing & packaging
at lightning speed.

With Stage, you can create new iterations of your company's pricing and packaging and launch new products within minutes.
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Configure any product.

Multi-product, plans, or add-ons, Stage offers the flexibility and control that helps meet every unique customer need.

Flag features and more.

Ship features to any audience you define. Roll back changes at any time.

Set any pricing strategy.

Switching to usage-based billing or including a flat fee? Stage gives you the tools that help align value with each customers' willingness to pay.

Stage helps you increase product velocity while decreasing time to market.

Whether launching self-serve, usage-based billing, or free trials, Stage has the tools to help you maximize each opportunity.

Entitlements and access checks.

Only show customers what they are entitled to see based on their subscription.

Usage metering.

Stage ingests, aggregates, and stores customer usage data at any scale.

Free trial configuration.

Grant potential customers temporary access to premium product offerings.

Usage limits and feature gates.

Cap feature access when customers meet customizable usage thresholds.

A simple,

Integrate the Stage SDK for the features you want Stage to manage. Your team can then make changes as they see fit. No additional engineering lift needed.

Generate an SDK for your language of choice, use one of our existing SDKs, or  call our OpenAPI-compliant endpoints directly.

Simple security with an encrypted bearer token. One line in a configuration file, and your engineering team is ready to start.

If you can use a feature flag, you can use Stage. Write one or two lines of code for each feature, and enjoy permanent flexibility without further code changes.

Almost zero
maintenance cost

Don't let pricing and packaging dominate your product roadmap. Avoid spending precious engineering hours hard-coding entitlements, manually updating billing, or rolling out new pricing strategies.
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Automate your billing concerns away.

Manage pricing directly in Stage and see changes mirrored in your billing system.
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Single source of truth
Price your products in Stage and we do the heavy lifting of updating your billing system.
Price how you like
Any pricing you model in Stage will be reflected in your billing system.

Take your roadmap
back with Stage.

The low-code product monetization platform for SaaS. Support any use case, ship any feature set, and model any pricing with clicks, not code.
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